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The Cholula Food Company ("Cholula") is a leading producer and distributor of premium hot sauce. Distinguished by its signature wooden cap and generations-old blend of piquin and arbol peppers, Cholula offers authentic Mexican flavor with just the right amount of heat for versatility far beyond the everyday condiment.

For more information please visit cholula.com.

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Topgolf Entertainment Group (“Topgolf”) is a global sports entertainment brand that has created an entirely new category of golf-focused consumer experience. Blending technology and entertainment, each Topgolf location features fun gamified driving ranges, tech-enabled climate-controlled playing bays, high-end food and drink menus and private spaces of various sizes.

For more information, please visit topgolf.com.



The RealReal (“TRR”) is an online luxury consignment business. TRR’s digital resale store offers pre-owned authenticated designer items including men's and women's luxury fashion, jewelry, watches and fine art, providing its customers with luxury items at discounted prices.

For more information, please visit therealreal.com.



Acuity Eyecare Group (“Acuity”) is an owner and operator of leading North American eyecare groups and optometry practices. As a practice acquisition and operational support team, Acuity supports and empowers eyecare professionals by leveraging the collective power and knowledge of the group to benefit from shared resources, proven best practices, and management expertise.

For more information, please visit acuityeyecaregroup.com.